Salvage / AS IS

Severely damaged containers that may include holes, missing floor sections, odors, or crushed beams and damaged doors, severe rust, etc. May be ideal for customers that can/want to do their own repairs. Inventory may be low on these as they are not very common.

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Cargo Worthy &
Wind & Water Tight

Containers that are typically between 8-18 years old and have traveled the ocean on average 30-70 times. All used containers will have at least some visible surface rust; however, because the containers are made of 14-gauge or 16-gauge corten steel, a little rust is not a problem if properly managed. Customers should pressure wash and paint their container every few years to make the steel last.

We guarantee that there will be no holes, the floors will be solid, and the gaskets, seals, and locks will all function properly. Both Cargo Worthy & Wind and Water Tight containers are the best value for the price and satisfy most customers' needs for a container. We tend to keep mostly Cargo Worthy containers as they have more life and have more integrity than a Wind and Water Tight.

Current sizes available:

- 20'sd (20' x 8' x 8'6") 

- 40'sd (20' x 8' x 8'6") 

- 40'hc (40' x 8' x 9'6") 

- 45'hc (45' x 8' x 9'6") 

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New / Single Trip

Typically, these containers have traveled the ocean 1 time. May have minimal to no rust, dents, and dings. Overall condition is like-new with working doors, seals, no holes, or leaks. Delivery on these may take longer as there is less of a supply available.

New / Single Trip containers are the most pristine containers available and offer the longest lifetime. 

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Container Buy Back Program

Did you know that if properly maintained, shipping containers hold their value extremely well? They are a great investment and their value fluctuates with the market as would the price of gasoline, steel, or any other item that is traded in the marketplace. The popularity of shipping containers is growing, making them far more desirable than they have ever been for the public. 

Your loss is our gain! Are you looking to get rid of an old container and replace it with a new one? Or just getting rid of containers altogether? Contact us for a free, no-hassle quote and we will take it off your hands with ease; often same or next day. Please send us details at or 520-314-0632.