Eric Asturias

Co-Owner / Operations Manager

Helping people is what I do best. Finding solutions that will help people live life to the fullest is what motivates me. Growing up with my father who was in the military made me appreciate the places I called home. And even though I had many homes I learned that I was able to transplant and adapt to any environment I was placed in. My experiences led me to understand that having a home is important for ANYONE and EVERYONE! Creating homes that people in my community can be proud of is my main focus. Skills from my real estate background have led me to think "inside" the box. As head of operations I am able to create layouts and designs that are tailored to people lives. Additionally with my leadership skills E&S Developments will pave the way for a new wave of thinking to sustainable living. 

Christopher Austin


Ever since I was a kid I was always taking apart and putting things back together, always interested in how things work. In high school I took every shop class there was from wood shop to metal shop. In college I went for a Fine Arts degree and along the way I received a welding certification and completed some additional welding classes I knew I would need. While in college I helped out a lot with art department functions and helped build community art sculptures such as the Bisbee Ball Park baseball bat sculpture. After college I worked in shops from building heavy equipment for the mines to working small ornamental projects. 

Steven Westby


I'm from Tucson, Arizona and started off working in this town doing landscaping and arborism. I moved on to working at a landfill operating heavy machinery then remodeling houses for a nonprofit organization. After that I have been doing a bunch of freelance handyman work, roofing, and landscaping. I can handle pretty much any problem that comes my way. 

Anna Ducote

Digital Performance Analyst

Although I am currently living in sunny Phoenix, as a native Tucsonan I was more than eager to help a thriving Tucson local business achieve their fullest potential. I am a UofA alum (Beardown) with a BS in Economic and Industry with a minor in Spanish. As the Digital Performance Analyst of Tailored Steel (Digital Marketer), I help consumers, like you, make it easier to find Tailored Steel and have an easier experience via web. As we live in a world of all things digital, it is my job to ensure that all our potential and existing customers have the easiest and convenient buying experience via online when looking for the endless possibilities of owning a shipping container home, office, theater or whatever their dream may be.