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About Tailored Steel

Tailored Steel by E&S Developments, LLC. is an innovative steel fabrication company established in Tucson, Arizona and the greater part of Southern Arizona. The Company provides both product sales and custom services pertaining to shipping containers, metalwork fabrication, and custom shed builds. Current offerings include efficient and cost effective storage and other usable spaces using recycled steel connex shipping containers with other sustainable materials. The primary goal of the business is to create attractive and affordable solutions for customers' personal home or business without the hefty custom price tag. 

Our History

Tucson based E&S Developments, LLC. was formed in 2017 by partners Eric Asturias and Sarah Moore. The Company originated out of interest to reinvent and revitalize the local flourishing real estate market. Both partners have experience in residential real estate and shipping container sales which led to the opportunity to discover an untapped market with a significant need for affordable living solutions. Acknowledging the importance in excellent customer service while improving the customer's overall shopping experience creates a new opportunity to stand out amongst competitors in the industry. 

Our Systems

Tailored Steel by E&S Developments actively works to reinvent the way shipping containers are bought, sold, fabricated, and designed through innovative practices and a superior level of customer service. The importance is not only in keeping prices low, but having prices easily accessible for customers while enhancing their shopping experience both in-person and through our online store. We maintain transparency to our customers and clients by closely adhering to sensitive budgets and consistently working to keep costs low. We educate our clients and customers on realistic expectations as well as the exciting potentials available for building with shipping containers. We are passionate about what we do and we hope to pass that enthusiasm onto our clients and customers. 

Our Goals

Tailored Steel is the product line created by E&S Developments, LLC. in which these goals are to be met. With a fine attention to detail and quality of work, our clients can rest assured that not only are they receiving a quality and reliable product, but they also know that their product was created with materials intended to extend the longevity and minimize its overall footprint, maximizing its efficiency capabilities. While modular builds in some marketplaces are showcased as premium luxury builds, Tailored Steel by E&S Developments, LLC. strives to demonstrate that it is possible to create a premium-feel while still maintaining an affordable price for the realistic needs of our clients. We are passionate about creating the opportunity to offer safe, reliable and desirable solutions to those who may not afford one otherwise. 

A primary plan for Tailored Steel is to to rejuvenate lower income neighborhoods by providing modern and efficient builds and to replace current dilapidated single family, multi-family, and manufactured home subdivisions. By doing this, the Company hopes to improve conditions and overall values of neighborhoods to increase the quality of life and presence of the Tucson community. Making a difference in the community is at the forefront of our priorities and keeps our focus on helping our clients. It is important to us that our clients are completely satisfied with their Tailored Steel product and that we helped make a difference in their personal life or business. We plan to build lasting relationships with other local sustainability companies to be highlighted as our exclusive partners through the common goal of improving our community. These relationships will maintain the quality of our products but also raise awareness within the community of the importance of reducing waste and utilizing resources to the fullest potential. 

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